Emergency Roadside Assistance

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

24/7 Mobile Roadside Assistance Services:
  • Need a new tire?
  • Is your car out of gas? 
  • Your car won’t start? 
  • Experiencing a car lockout? 

Salazar Emergency Roadside Services and their network of licensed affiliates work with highly qualified technicians who can effectively carry out the recovery solutions you need. 

We are available 24 hour, 7 days a week for fast customer service. We'll arrive quickly from your call.

We offer competitive pricing for roadside assistance and any car lockout needs! No need to pay an arm and leg for mobile roadside services we can provide on the spot.

Car Lockout Services

Car Lockout

  • Are you locked out of the car? 
  • Need immediate car lockout services in Dallas? 

Salazar Emergency Roadside Services has a team of mobile certified auto lockouts, with experience providing auto lock picking, transponder key programming, car key duplication, and more! We provide 24/7 mobile response services.

  • Locked out of a car? 
  • Our technicians are standing by!

Salazar Emergency Roadside Services outperforms other companies by providing a higher quality of technical work. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer additional expert services. We're especially proud of our car lockout solutions. Along with our reliable mobile roadside assistance, our car lockouts services are well-established and reputable.

  • Locked out of your car? 
  • Lost keys to your car? 
  • Have a broken ignition key? 

For any number of emergency car lockout troubles, we have trained and certified car lockouts on our team to come to your assistance. Call us anytime, day or night.

mobile tire replacement Fort Worth

Changing Flat Tires

Dallas emergency roadside assistance can help you change your tires should it happen to blow up. Our mobile tire service here at Salazar Emergency Roadside Services will be there for you – rain or shine, nighttime or daytime.

  • Are you stuck in the middle of the road with a flat tire?
  • Don’t you have any spare tire?
  • Are you a newbie in tire replacements?

Our roadside assistance in Dallas and mobile roadside assistance in Fort Worth will be on call 24/7 to reach you. We will ensure that you’ll be back on the road in the soonest possible time. 

Jumpstarting Your Battery

In cases when your car failed to start, you can call our emergency roadside assistance in Dallas to be at your rescue. We will safely jumpstart your battery so you can be back on the wheel without waiting for hours.

  • Don’t you have any jumper cables to use?
  • Are you unskilled of jumpstarting a car?
  • Do you need a new battery?

Call us and our 24-hour emergency roadside assistance in Dallas will answer you back with the right equipment. 

We will reach you wherever you are in Dallas and Fort Worth. We bank on our prompt response and our team’s professional work ethic. 

Running Out of Fuel

Running out of fuel in the middle of a long drive can happen to anyone. Some would forget to check or refuel before entering the winding highway.

  • Is your fuel gauge close to hitting empty?
  • Did you forget to refuel before going on a long drive?
  • Is there a leak on your gas tank?

If you happen to be in this situation, just call Salazar Emergency Roadside Services. You no longer have to hunt down the nearest gas station on foot. We will bring the fuel to you fast and safe.

mobile roadside assistance DFW Metroplex

Technical Support

  • Are you having problems with your car?
  • Are you unsure of the problem?
  • Are you worried about your car’s road safety?

You can call our roadside assistance in Dallas to help you assess the situation. Our hotline is open 24/7 to answer your call. We can also dispatch a team to help you with the problem.

  • A broken fuse?
  • Hose repairs?
  • Drive belt problems?

Call us and we will fix it for you! 

Mobile Tire Service in Fort Worth

Regardless if it’s a deflated or blown-up tire, our mobile tire replacement in Fort Worth will be there to help. We can fix tire problems including replacements, spare tires, rim issues, and more.

We will bring you a spare tire, install it, and check your car’s driving safety – all within the day and in just a few minutes or hours depending on your location. Our mobile tire repair in Dallas is reliable anytime, anywhere. 

Why Choose Salazar Emergency Roadside Services?

If you are in need of Dallas emergency roadside assistance, Salazar Emergency Roadside Services is on-call 24/7. 

We have been in the service for years. We have encountered various situations and we had fixed it with the same precision and promptness.

Whenever you are stuck on the road, Salazar Emergency Roadside Services will be the first responders. We won’t let you wait for hours. Because for us, asking for help shouldn’t be another problem.