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Your Mobile Emergency Roadside Specialists

Salazar Emergency Roadside Service is a family-owned business that prioritizes helping drivers in their times of need. We offer years of experience providing mobile roadside assistance to thousands of drivers throughout the Dallas Forth Worth area. We specialize in tire replacements, tire changes, and more. And, we understand that any situation can happen on the road at any time, that is why we are here to help!

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Experts in Roadside Assistance

Calling your insurance company to get help while you're on the road can be a long process. Did you know that as long as you have roadside coverage in your plan, you can call us for immediate assistance and be reimbursed by your insurance company? We're proud to offer fast, efficient mobile service throughout and beyond the Dallas Fort Worth area 24/7. Call us whenever you're in need of emergency roadside assistance.

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Reasons why you would need Roadside Assistance

Running out of fuel, getting a flat tire, getting locked out of your car, bogged down battery: we’ve all been in these situations at least once. It’s a big hassle to get stuck on the road without anyone around to help. Our emergency roadside assistance will be your saving grace in times of need. There’s no need to exhaust yourself from calling your insurance provider and getting stuck for hours. When it comes to driving, a lot of things can go wrong. It’s best to have a helpline that you can call whenever you need help with your car. Our 24 hour roadside assistance Dallas, TX will be dispatched wherever you are.

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How we can help you

Whatever your roadside situation is, we can lend a helping hand to fix, or refuel your car as necessary. Here are some of the services we offer:

1. Mobile Tire Replacement

Flat tires happen when you least expect it. You simply don’t have control over what you will encounter on the road so it’s best to have someone to call if your tires pop. Regardless if you have a spare tire or not inside your car, you can still call our experts in mobile tire repair in Fort Worth, Texas and we will do the replacement. We will bring our tools to conduct a quick but safe tire replacement so you can get back on the road in the soonest possible time. And, if you need a spare tire we'll gladly bring one to you.

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2. Mobile Battery Replacement

You’ll never know when your battery will bog down. Is your battery old? Did you leave your light on all night? Our mobile battery replacement in Dallas will be at your service to install a new battery. We will ensure that the battery is suitable for your car. We will power up your car so you can reach your destination just in time. Do you need a battery jumpstart? Our technicians will bring our equipment to safely jumpstart your car battery. Regardless of your location, we will reach you so you can hop back into the driver’s seat.

3. 24-hour Roadside Assistance?

Our 24-hour roadside assistance in Dallas, TX is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week including holidays. We offer services for every roadside condition related to car issues. We can change batteries, refuel, replace tires, fix lockouts, and provide auto key replacements. Here at Salazar Emergency Roadside Services, we will be at your service. Asking for help doesn’t need to be another headache!

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Contact us when you're in need

We take pride in our fast and reliable service wherever you are. Here at Salazar Emergency Roadside Services, we know how distressing it can be to get stuck on the road. This is why our emergency roadside assistance is always accessible. Call us, let us know the help that you need, and we will reach you quickly.

You don’t have to wait for hours just to get the help that you need. We will ensure that you will be responded to on-site so you can be hitting the road back again in just a short time. Be sure to save our number for those unexpected times of need.